How to save money for a carnival

While the entry is free (or almost free) to many carnivals, you will still need cash to travel to that desired location if it’s not in your home town and to buy stuff like food, drinks and souvenirs. Prices are higher whenever a carnival’s in town, so it’s best to have extra cash.

How do you make that extra money? For starters, you could play online casino games like the Fire N’Fortune Slot if you think you’re lucky. But for all the people who don’t want or like to gamble, there are other ways you can save some money for traveling to attend a carnival. Here’s where you could improve.

Move bank accounts

Maybe there are better deals out there than the one you’re getting from your current bank. Look for loans with better interest rates or saving accounts with more perks, whichever fits your way of managing your finances. You could even bluff that you want to leave and the bank might come up with a better offer to keep you there. The same goes for internet data plans, TV subscriptions, and network carriers.

Give up on unnecessary expenses

Do you really need that expensive laundry detergent when there’s a cheaper option? How much is cable TV worth to you? People who give up television tend to say they now live happier and more enriching lives. Why don’t you give it a try? There’s a trend going on these days around the internet that the less you have, the better you feel. It’s called minimalism.

Start selling your video game consoles, the clothes you no longer wear, and the shoes you no longer like. You’ll get rid of them fast at a garage sale. That’s also a good opportunity to throw away some things you never used and make some room in your garage so that a car actually fits in there.

No impulsive shopping

You might think you need that new dress but in fact chances are you probably just want it. Instead of going into the store to buy the dress and a couple of new pairs of shoes that go with it, why don’t you hold off for a week or at least a couple of days?

Do you still think that dress is so awesome and you can’t live without it? If that’s the case, then allow yourself to buy something pretty twice a month. Still, it’s more likely you will save yourself from spending money on something you’ll get bored with in a couple of weeks.

Stick to the list

When you go shopping for groceries, create a list of what you need for the week. This will prevent you from spending more than you want. Stick to that list and don’t go wander around the supermarket aisles. Not only that you will spend less, but you will also make healthier choices because you are choosing what to buy in a rational manner when you are not influenced by all the sweets you see as you stroll down the chocolate aisle.

Also, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry or when you crave something sweet or salty. You will end up buying a lot of unhealthy products. Your mind tricks you into thinking you want all those things at that moment but let’s face it, you don’t eat with your eyes and your stomach can’t possible fit all the sweets and chips you are craving at that point.